Site Redevelopment Photo Gallery


Matherson Construction Group have a special interest and expertise in taking your site redevelopment from early design stage all the way through to the finished product.

We have been involved in some outstanding unit and townhouse developments and regularly assist with not only design and construction but demolition of the existing house, planning and council approval.

We offer a dedicated and experienced service and contract manager as well as an onsite construction manager to ensure the project meets budget and time deadlines in addition to being remarkable in quality and finish.

Our considerations in site redevelopments are:

  • Limited projects at any one time to ensure genuine one on one service to our clients.
  • Ensuring design is spectacular and an intelligent use of space while also being cost effective and time sensitive – working with you to improve all these areas wherever possible.
  • All clients have 24/7 access to both our service/finishing manager and construction manager.
  • At least weekly project updates in any form preferred by the client, including phone, email, meetings and architect-only correspondence.
  • At all times across the latest in industry developments in technology, efficiency & sustainability, construction methods and materials, offering these to all clients wherever suitable.

Please contact us to discuss your redevelopment project in detail.